Why this Hike-a-Palooza? 

Halfway through 10 treks, the 2019 SMC Hike-a-Palooza is providing attendees with valuable benefits -- new connections with similarly passionate sustainability leaders.

With 57 total attendees across 17 organizations, these hikes have generated 500 new conversations (8/person/hike) -- building our capacity to reach common goals, namely lowering ecological footprints to sustainable levels.

These new conversations are exactly why I organized these hikes and am working toward a unified coalition of SMC-based organizations to tackle big sustainability challenges.


What is Green County San Mateo?

Green County San Mateo is a nonprofit project I’m pursuing – a cross-sector coalition of the 150+ SMC-based environmental sustainability organizations I’ve identified that do amazing work -- but are often too siloed.

My vision is to unify the community to accomplish more with existing resources, partner to move faster, and work together to take on bold new initiatives. (My recent Hike-a-Palooza blog shares some of this vision.) 

And to build on the great progress and foundation this community has already achieved thanks to all of us!!!

In Sep 2018 - Jan 2019, I met with staff and volunteers of over 45+ of these organizations, exploring the benefits of tighter collaboration. I adopted an ecosystem framework:

  • Organization Types – nonprofits, government (city/county), education (HS/college clubs) & businesses (clean tech)

  • Sustainability Disciplines – climate, food, energy, land, transportation, waste & water

I received critical feedback, supportive guidance, and important endorsements that helped refine my path forward, as well as important learnings from leaders of two outside coalitions.

Next Steps

In June 2019, the new coalition website will go live and in-person forums will begin. Other programs begin in the fall. The project will reside within a California 501(c)3. 

Over time, I'm confident we can work together on bold initiatives such as:

  • driving aggressive municipal green building codes
  • asserting clean and equitable community transportation
  • advancing carbon farming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

And there's so much more we can do together to achieve our individual and collective goals. I look forward to sharing more soon.


Hike on,

Doug Silverstein

Environmental sustainability volunteer, San Mateo County

[email protected], 650-346-8945

About Doug Silverstein

As a 25-year Burlingame resident following 25 years in SF, Doug has enjoyed the Bay Area’s mountains and coasts as well as its educational and economic opportunities. He maintains a 25-year record of success in technology sales and marketing as the principal of Cypress Consulting and in leadership roles with Cisco, Nuance, and Symantec. Doug has a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Northwestern University. Prior to Silicon Valley, Doug spent five years as an institutional investment analyst and portfolio manager.

Since 2015, Doug has intensified volunteer work with environmental organizations including Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame, Peninsula Clean Energy, and Sustainable San Mateo County. He enjoys hiking, travel, music, and cherished time with his wife and two daughters (18 & 21).


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