Hike #5 - Pre-hike Reading

Hike #5 - Pre-hike Reading

Author: Converge For Impact

Title: The Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network: A Regionwide, Cross-Sector Approach to Conservation—Executive Summary

Date: March 2017

Sustainability Discipline: Land

Background: I met Dylan Skybrook, Santa Cruz Mountain Stewardship Network's (SCMSN) leader through Kellyx Nelson at San Mateo Resource Conservation District (RCD). We had a coffee at Half Moon Bay Coffee Co, down the street from the RCD. Dylan has an interesting background and currently, a very cool job. His Network is somewhat similar to what I want to do for environmental sustainability organizations in San Mateo County. 

But a network is different from a coalition, which is different than a community impact effort. In fact, a coalition is a blend of the two. And there's now good literature on all of this at the Stanford Social Innovation Network publication. Wow... lots of cool collaborate change making going on in the world. Check out the SCMSN's work... quite inspiring.


The Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network (SCMSN) is a cross-sector collaboration of nineteen organizations that began in late 2014 with a focus on improving land stewardship in the Santa Cruz Mountains region south of San Francisco. Network members represent federal agencies, state and county parks departments, land trusts, nonprofit organizations, the region’s largest timber company, research institutes, special districts, and a Native American tribal band.

When a group of individuals first convened in March 2015 to explore opportunities for collaboration, there was little consensus about what the network should accomplish, how members would work together, and how they would know if their efforts had succeeded. As of early 2017, however, the SCMSN has overcome historical tensions in the region, identified areas of shared interest, and members are collaborating to implement shared stewardship projects, producing outcomes that no one organization could accomplish alone. These successes suggest the Network’s potential to improve stewardship throughout the region, provided members sustain their commitment to communicating and working together as the Network continues to evolve.

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