Hike #2 - Pre-Hike Reading

Hike #2 - Pre-Hike Reading

Author: Kevin Schultz, SF Chronicle

Title: Study compares carbon footprints of Bay Area communities

Date: 1/7/2016

Sustainability Discipline: Climate

Background: This article summarizes UC Berkeley's CoolClimate Network's awesome consumption based greenhouse gas inventory analysis of the SF Bay Area. In researching my SMC Coalition project, I found and quickly devoured this work, fascinated by its large variations from production based greenhouse gas inventory methods used by SMC leaders and most California geographic analysis.

I tracked down Christopher Jones, program director of the CoolClimate Network and co-author of the study, in October 2018 at a post-Climate Action Summit event in Berkeley to introduce myself and express my admiration. I told him my story and he suggested he could speak in San Mateo County sometime. I plan to take him up on that.


Stanford and Atherton are just 3 miles down the road from each other on the Peninsula, but one of them has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the Bay Area while the other grabs the title for having the region’s highest carbon footprint.

The tony town of Atherton, according to researchers at UC Berkeley and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, consumes nearly three times as many carbons per household as Stanford.

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