Hike #1 - Pre-Hike Reading

Hike #1 - Pre-Hike Reading

Author: Pooran Desai, Co-founder - Bioregional, Leader - One Planet Living

Title: GDP ignores the things that matter - like climate change

Date: 4/28/2016

Sustainability Discipline: all

Background: I learned about One Planet Living in February 2018 at a SMC Office of Education event and immediately became interested in its vision and execution. After reading all I could get ahold of, I met the event speaker that enlightened me and told her my story. Much to my surprise, she said I must share this vision with Pooran. 

In a March 2018 Burlingame-to-London Skype conference with Pooran, I shared my vision, received his feedback, and learned he was attending the September 2018 Climate Action Summit in SF. Doggedly, I tracked him down, pitched my update, and got an hour of his time. I highly admire his work and recommend learning more about his vision for One Planet Living.


Good accounting, whether it be at the company or national level, helps us make good decisions. But what happens when we don’t account properly, for example by failing to account for social and environmental impacts? We make poor decisions. This is undeniably what is happening when we use financial accounting and GDP as the key driver in our decision-making. We know we have to account properly for social and environmental capital. The question is not whether we do this, but how.

The world is not working. Climate change is accelerating. Companies are facing up to the realities of resource depletion. Wealth inequality is spreading and the world is increasingly divided into the haves and have nots. Mistrust is prevalent. Fear is palpable, both among the rich and poor.

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