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Summary & Blog

Hike # 7 - Wunderlich Park, Wed May 22, 2019

by Doug Silverstein

Pre-hike video (theme - waste) - The Story of Stuff


Post-hike summary - On hike #7, we had fun. In the wilderness, and notably on the front deck of Freewheel Brewing Company where we ate, drank, laughed, and talked shop. Cruising on his new electric bike, Tom made it from Wunderlich in plenty of time to catch the first pint. David joined unexpectedly to share updates on fossil fuel divestment. And Marty talked up the June 17 CCL event featuring Carbon 180's founder. Despite prior day's rain, the Wednesday outing was sunny and serene. Kym gave a pre-hike history lesson and tour of the active, Arthur Brown, Jr., designed, Folger Stable. Then, with all the chit chat, the 4.5 mile trek through Bear Gulch, Meadow, and Alambique Trails went fast. Starting in the forest, we topped out at "The Meadows" for a beautiful group picture (below). What a nice end to the seventh hike, and the last one east of Skyline before two on the coast. More pictures below.

Attendees (20) - Alan, Bob M, Bob S, Carol, Dave, David, Deborah, Doug, Elena, Georgi, Helen, Jordan, Kym, Larry, Leslie, Marina, Marty, Nicola, Tobi, Tom (full list)

Blog: East and West of Skyline Boulevard (aka State Route 35 or SR35)


On January 8, at Philz Coffee in Burlingame, I met Michele Beasley, Executive Director of San Mateo County Parks Foundation, and pitched the crazy idea to hike all 20 County parks in the coming months with a pack of local environmental sustainability leaders.

I’m sure she thought I was nuts for the next 48 hours until I sent a 2-page Microsoft Word plan with this simple email cover note:

 “See attached… all 20 parks is [sic] way too much.” 

In that plan, I coined the journey’s name and abbreviated the 10-hike tour in the title on page 1 that read:

  • 2019 SMC Hike-a-palooza for Local Environmental Leaders (Feb-Jun 2019)
  • Ten Treks, Five Months, One Dirt Kicking Community   

And yes, 20 parks were way too much. (See full list here.)

Shortly after that meeting, you see, I studied the parks map and quickly concluded that about half are west of the county’s skyline, aka Skyline Boulevard, aka California State Route 35, aka SR35.

Yet, the vast majority of invitees lived well east of Skyline. So naturally, I focused on the Bayside. And cut the treks to 10.

Since then, I’ve always sectioned these hikes in my mind as east of Skyline (Blvd) and west of Skyline (Blvd). And within these 2 segments, I envisioned the journey extending north to south.

Thus, the plan was set in mid-January for the 2019 SMC Hike-a-Palooza’s 10 treks, and very neatly, I might add, for the first 7 just completed –

  1. San Bruno Mountain (2/27)
  2. Junipero Serra (3/13)
  3. Coyote Point (3/27)
  4. Crystal Springs (4/10) - technically east of Skyline but close
  5. Edgewood (4/24)
  6. Huddart (5/8)
  7. Wunderlich (5/22) - our most recent hike... see pictures below

(See recaps, attendee lists, pictures, and blogs of all 7 hikes here.)

Now with this first stretch finished, the Hike-a-Palooza hops over the Skyline Blvd ridge line to trek #8 at San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica (6/5) and then trek #9 at Quarry Park near Half Moon Bay (6/19), before jumping back over SR35 for trek #10 at Flood Park (more on that soon).

But with so much attention to the lands west of, and east ofSkyline, I failed to realize the beauty of that dividing line. So, I must now pay some respect to State Route 35 about which Wikipedia reads:

State Route 35, generally known as Skyline Boulevard for most of its length, is a mostly two-lane state highway in the U.S. state of California.

It runs along the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains from … State Route 17 … in Santa Clara County to State Route 1 just south of Daly City in San Mateo County, where it crosses SR 1 and loops around Lake Merced ...

Because of its high elevation and location, it is one of the few places on the southern portion of the San Francisco Peninsula from which the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean are both visible at the same time.

Hence the road’s name… Skyline.

And let me add that cruising SR35 through San Mateo County is nothing short of amazing. From the SF border to Highway 1, then straight to 280, on it for a few miles and off again, down to 92, west to the ridgeline, then south all the way to the next county. Wow, what a cruise.

Of course, I recommend exploring our county in boots. But if you must get behind the wheel, SR35 would be a damn good way to do it.







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